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Katana is a great bladed weapon which is a favorite to so many people including the Japanese where the sword has its origin from. Different places in the world had developed different weapons so as to fit their uniqueness and for the Japanese they came up with the katana sword which is today widely used in the word as a weapon and for decoration especially at home. The katana sword is a fiction which is used in every Japanese film to slice through anything so easily like it were a piece of butter. Wielding the katana sword makes one a superhuman fighter. A great and skilled fictional katana wielder can easily slice bullets in the air, chop the guns barrels of and even slice other swords using the katana which is one of the cool swords in the market today. If you love swords check this out! katana is an ancient sword which has a rich history and it is highly regarded as one of the great available swords today.

Reasons why I prefer the katana

The popularity of the katana sword has led to an increase in demand from the practitioners and also the sword collectors. In case you are a martial artist then training in the ancient Japanese art of nijutsu the katana is one of the most important weapons to have. Likewise, if you’re a collector of ancient weapons, a katana is likely to be one of the prime weapons to own. It’s a beautiful sword anyone would want to wield or display at home.

The rising demand for the katana sword has led to many companies creating it for sale. Unfortunately, these swords are mass produced using machines. The result is low quality katana swords whose main purpose is aesthetics rather than functionality. These swords which are produced using machines are usually cheap and aren’t durable. This is one of the main reasons why majority of the people prefer the handmade katana sword since it is durable. The handmade katana is a bit expensive as compared to the machine made katana. The katana swords are hand forged. The katana creation process is usually a tradition passed down through the family or apprenticeship. Given that there are thousands of swords to choose from, how can you know which katana is real and which is not.

Most of the katana swords are made from carbon steel. This is one type of steel which is easy to forge because of its softness the carbon steel is also easy to harden. The type of high carbon steel used to make the katana blade determines how easy it is to sharpen and how brittle the blade will be. Popular high carbon steel grades used to make real katana blades are 1055, 1065 and 1095. Each grade has its advantages and disadvantages.